I'm Lyndsey Johnson

Marketing strategist, entrepreneur, business consultant, and awesome mom.

I work with passion-driven entrepreneurs to launch, grow, and monetize their online business.

Here you will find resources for online entrepreneurs. I have created workbooks, templates, and lists to help you plan, grow, and brand your business like a boss.

There comes a time when you need expert advice to ensure your business reaches it’s full potential. Hiring an expert consultant or coach can take your business, to the next level.

The blog is filled with helpful tips on entrepreneurship, conversion optimization, and social media, all crafted to help you launch and grow your business.

My story

My life used to be very different. I was working in a corporate job as a high-level marketing executive for a national firm. From the outside, it may have seemed like I had a pretty good thing going: a corner office, a high six-figure salary, corporate retreats, and a position with a team to manage.

With that job came a ton of stress and demands.

After years of long hours, travel, and unrealistic deadlines, I was burned out. More importantly, I was missing time with my young daughter. I am a single mom. I have one responsibility in life; to provide for my daughter — and that means more than just financially. She deserves to have me around.

When my health failed, and I was forced to take medical leave, I realized things had to change. I had to create my own version of freedom to have control over my schedule. That is when I found my inspiration.

I had spent my entire life making someone else a fortune and building their business.

Finding myself with a lot more free time, I joined several mom groups and small entrepreneur groups. I began by mentoring others needing help with starting a business and offering my expertise on different marketing strategies.

The entrepreneurial life can be difficult to navigate. I did a lot of research and as I found effective strategies I wrote about them on my blog and shared them in my groups. When I saw many people struggling with different marketing techniques I created resources to help and made my free resource library.

Then, people started asking me what my niche was. Other than helping people for free, I wasn’t exactly sure. My career had been defined by my corporate background.

And that’s when I had my ah-ha moment and my business started to grow.

Most people starting a business don’t have a lot of time or money to invest up front. I decided to create my first e-course. It was the perfect balance that allowed me to provide my expertise to more people without being cost prohibitive. My passion is helping others succeed at growing their business in a smart scalable way.

I’m glad you stopped by my site and hope you find my resources helpful. Thanks for your support!