Consultant vs. Coach

What is the difference? Which one do you need?

A consultant is an

expert & advisor

Brings technical expertise and advises on how to solve problems. A consultant focus’ on a specific task by gathering data, creating a plan of action, and setting clear measurable goals. They may even accomplish that specific goal for you.

A consultant will advise on better systems, techniques, and strategies that will grow your business and increase your profitability.

Business planning / strategy / direction
social media / marketing / lead generation
systems / website / conversion optimization

A coach is a

partner & visionary

Brings relationship expertise to help develop your purpose and motivate you. A coach focus’ on the big picture of your business by facilitating growth, mentoring, and serving as an accountability partner. They help you achieve your goals.

They will help you understand how to grow your business. A coach will work with you through obstacles and offer solutions along with support.

Business structure / accountability / vision
time management / brainstorming / clarity
overwhelm / implementation / developing skills



Business consulting accelerates your business growth through focusing primarily on creating customized strategies, methods, and tactical plans.



There comes a time when you need expert advice on business direction. Three months of accountability, action planning, and developing executive skills.