Tailwind Tribes Strategies to Increase Pinterest Views

If you’re reading this you are probably already using Tailwind Tribes but want to get better results. Did you know there is a whole strategy behind using Tailwind Tribes effectively – it goes way beyond just a few random tribe submissions.

If you are not using Tailwind Tribes you need to sign up (like yesterday my friend) because seriously this is going to grow your website traffic exponentially and totally up your Pinterest game.

Tailwind is a Pinterest approved partner that helps you schedule pins, track Pinterest data, and optimize your Pinterest strategy. There are a bunch of other helpful features like interval scheduling and Pinterest board lists. Read on for the best Tailwind Tribes strategies to increase Pinterest views.

Tailwind is also an Official Instagram Partner. That means they have an Instagram Automatic-Posting feature (say goodbye to push notifications telling you it’s time to post – for good).

Tailwind Tribes Strategies

There are several factors that go into your Tailwind Tribes strategies to increase Pinterest views:

  • Pick the right Tribes Power-Ups
  • Find the best tribes to join
  • Share strategically in the tribe

Tribes Power-Ups: Tribes Max Plan

The Tailwind Plus plan comes standard with 5 tribes and 30 monthly tribe submissions. If you wanted to post in each of your Tribes you could only post about one or two pins per week. While you will still get some exposure from posting I recommend posting much more frequently.

That’s where Tribe Power-Ups come into play. Go to your Tribes page and look in the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see the number of tribes you’re in and a little button next to it that shows the number of submissions to your tribe for the month.

I recommend the Tribes Max plan that comes with unlimited tribes and 200 tribe submissions per month for $119 annually. You can get a month free trial here.

Let’s say you’re following the 80/20 rule for content sharing on Pinterest. You should be sharing about 40 of your own pins per day and 10 of others.

Tribe rules typically require you to share 1:1 (if you add a pin to the tribe you share a pin from the tribe). With the Tribes Max membership, you’d be sharing at least 200 pins from your Tribe members per month (assuming you are also effectively adding 200 of your pins to the tribes).

That comes out to 6-7 pins per day you’d be sharing collectively from the tribes. Leaving you only a few from other sources per day such as your group boards, BoardBooster Tribes, or manually pinning other content.

Find the Best Tribes

It is easy to find an open tribe just click Find a Tribe button and search for your niche. It would seem like the best Tribes would be the ones with the most members and are the most active right? Not necessarily so, unfortunately.

Check out this example below – Bloggers Chalkboard looks like a pretty good tribe to join. It has a large membership and high activity.

While I am a member of this tribe and share consistently, it does not get me the highest reach.

Then how exactly do you find the right dang tribe? Luck, trial and error, and most importantly, keeping track of stats weekly.

How to find a tailwind tribe

Start With a Mix

When you are first joining tribes try to find a mix of different size and niche tribes. Shoot for medium to large size tribes and ones with at least 4/5 bars of activity.

The second tip is to find a mix of different tribe types. For me, I have some blogging, small business, social media and monetization boards. There will be an overlap of tribe members from one tribe to the next and it will impact how your pins are shared.

I wrote a data-driven post about tracking your tribe stats each week. Unfortunately, Tailwind only provides your weekly stats via email so you have to take it a step further to analyze the data. The good news is you can always change tribes if one isn’t working out. Read this post on how to evaluate tribe effectiveness.

Tribe Sharing Strategy

After you’ve joined 10 tribes it’s time to start sharing your pins. Currently, there is no advance scheduling feature to share your content with the tribes, and it’s not on the horizon either. If you want to share a specific pin with the tribe on Saturday at 8 AM you have to manually add that pin to the tribe on Saturday at 8 AM.

Fortunately, there is the handy Add to Tribes button you can use to share directly from Pinterest so it’s not too time-consuming. Make sure you download the Chrome extension.

If you get the Tribes Max subscription, which I recommend, you have 200 pins you can add to the tribes per month. Start out with 10 Tribes and adjust from there. That gives you 20 pin shares per tribe and you can space them out over the month however you’d like.

One thing to keep in mind with larger groups… pins are displayed in chronological order. If you post on Tuesday at noon and your tribe is not very active then it’s likely within a few hours your pin is pushed way down on the page.

Often people use the tribes to queue up their schedule 2 – 3 weeks in advance. There is no data to support best times to share with your tribe. You’ll have to rely on trial and error to see when your tribe is most active.

Pay attention to Tribe rules – some only allow you to share 1 pin per day to the tribe. Others there is no limit.

Share Different Pins With Each Tribe

When sharing on Pinterest group boards – you don’t want to share the same pin to every single group board on the same day and time. Follow the same logic with tribes and don’t post the same pin to all 10 of your tribes at the same time (remember that counts as 10 submissions even though it’s just 1 pin).

Once you’ve joined your Tribes you’ll notice that they are sorted alphabetically in the little tribe bar drop down. I’ve had some suspicions that pins that I share with my higher alphabetical tribes were shared more often than those further down. I did some testing – ready to have your mind blown?

The three Tribes I am showing stats for include:

  • Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe
  • Bloggers Chalkboard
  • Blogging Traffic Tips

I shared the exact same pins on the same day/time to each of those tribes.

The traffic looks like this in alphabetical order…

Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe

  • Five Productivity Hacks: 5
  • Ultimate Pinterest Hack: 6
  • 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic: 9
  • How to Start a Business: 31

Bloggers Chalkboard

  • Five Productivity Hacks: 4
  • Ultimate Pinterest Hack: 2
  • 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic: 3
  • How to Start a Business: 2

Blogging Traffic Tips

  • Five Productivity Hacks: 1
  • Ultimate Pinterest Hack: 2
  • 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic: 0
  • How to Start a Business: 0

Whoa! The shares dropped from 51 in the higher alphabetical Tribe down to 3 in the lower one. I tested this on all 10 of my Tribes and the stats held true across the board for the most part. I’ve been testing this theory for about two months and it continues to prove that if you post the same pins to all your tribes you will get diminishing returns in lower alphabetical groups.

My best guess is member overlap between the tribes. While one pin was shared 31 times at first in Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs the same tribe members are probably in Blogging Traffic Tips where it ultimately was shared 0 times.

This is why I recommend that you vary your Tribes with some being more niche focused. Secondly, share different content in different tribes. Or at the very least, share it at different times.

More tribe re-shares = more repins = more impressions = more website traffic.

Want more Tailwind Strategies? Get added to the list: Inside Tailwind Tribes Strategies e-course.

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  3. I’m having some trouble with my Tribes tracking spreadsheet – the formulas seem to be off and I can’t figure out why. Do you have a technical help area?

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