5 Easy Ways to Get Traffic for New Bloggers

You finally decided to launch your blog (you know the one you’ve been writing in your head for two years). Wahoo! The hard part is over now right?

Well, er, not exactly. I’m proud you’ve made it this far but you’ve got a long way to go before you become the next Neil Patel.

You might have some of the most engaging content but if you’re not marketing yourself effectively there will be no eyeballs on that amazing blog post. There’s nothing worse than spending your nights and weekends crafting a well researched and well-written post for it to disappear into the WWW abyss never to get the credit it deserves.

But with these 5 easy ways to get traffic, you’ll be well on your way to getting the audience your blog post deserves.

1. Build Connections

You need friends – and lots of them. There are different types of connections you can make. Start out with people you admire – join their email list and follow them on social media.

One of the best ways to build a meaningful connection with one of your idols is sharing and promoting their content.

An easy way to do this is to share their pins on Pinterest or link to one of their articles within your own blog post. If you’ve taken any of their courses or read their e-book give them a review (and let them know)! They may even feature your review on their website or share it out to their own audience.

More Ways to Build Connections:

  • Join Tailwind tribes and get to know some of your tribemates
  • Reply to comments on your blog
  • Leave meaningful comment on other blogs
  • Follow and engage with your idols and other relevant people on social media
  • Create an expert round-up post
  • Link other people’s blog post within your posts (when possible) then let them know
  • Find and participate in mastermind Facebook communities
  • Answer questions on relevant Q&A websites (like Reddit and Quora)

Keep your interactions positive. Sometimes things get heated on Reddit or even within Facebook groups. Stay professional.

2. Join Facebook Groups

Being an entrepreneur (work from home, solopreneur, one man shop) can get lonely. Head on over to Facebook and make some digital besties.

You can find a Facebook group for just about anything. Whether it’s a traffic building community, a blogging group for newbies or a mastermind community find one, or several, to join.

Most importantly, speak up and offer advice or helpful feedback. Most groups allow you to link to your blog post if it is highly relevant to the question asked.

Shameless promotion? Yep, got that covered too.

I have made the ultimate Facebook Groups promo list. Each group that I’ve listed allows promotion – you can plug your latest blog post, get more likes on your Facebook page, and share your Twitter, IG, or Pinterest account. This will also help you find other bloggers and influencers’ to rub shoulders with (digitally of course).

The rest of what’s included in this amazing resource list:

  • More than 25 helpful business Facebook groups with links
  • Group type (i.e. good for traffic building, Pinterest tips, new blogger, mastermind support)
  • Group focus/description of group
  • Promo schedule – conveniently listed day-by-day
  • Group owner (I include some pretty important digital BFF’s on the list)

3. Guest Blog

Guest blogging is intimidating. I totally get it. You might even be struggling to keep up with creating your own site content. The thought of taking on a “new and unique” blog post for someone else is a major commitment.

Especially when you need that piece to be one of your best blog posts.

The fact is, all of your blogging idols started out just like you at one point. They probably remember what it was like to get the initial traffic hustle on.

Pitching guest posts can be daunting but make this a priority. You should already have an established blog (and by that I mean do not pitch guest posts until you have your own blog flowing with some high-quality content. The person you’re pitching will check your page out.

But, if you’re already on this person’s email list (i.e. you know what kind of content they would be interested in featuring) and you’ve interacted with them on social media your chances of a successful pitch will increase exponentially.

Guest posting is awesome because it establishes you as an authority and builds your credibility, boosts your site traffic, and helps your SEO ranking. Aside from the fact you’re also building a relationship with other influential bloggers.

4. Up Your Pinterest Game

Join Tailwind Tribes.

A Tailwind Tribe is a community of like-minded bloggers and influencers sharing their pins to the tribe. Tribes can range from super-niche (i.e. only pins about affiliate marketing) to more broad (i.e. all things blogging related). There are tribes across many different verticals: food, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, etc.

The basic premise of the tribe is to share your own pins with the tribe and if your tribemates like your content they re-share it to their Pinterest boards.

You can get massive exposure this way. I have gotten over 11 million impressions in 3 months from Tailwind Tribes alone. If you’re new to Tailwind tribes check out this post on how to use Tailwind tribes.

5. Share With Your Email List

Even if you’re just starting out and have a small email list – share your blog posts. Sharing your posts gets more traffic to your site and increases engagement (i.e. comments, social shares, etc.).

Start your email off with a friendly note and then dive right into a brief description of your blog post. You want to share what the reader will learn – give them a compelling reason to click through to your site.

If you’re using ConvertKit your can A/B test subject lines and see what resonates with your audience.

Those are my 5 easy ways to get traffic to your new blog. If you’re looking for more ways to get traffic check out my post 25 Tips to Get Twice the Traffic to Your Site.

Please note, some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of them, I may receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I use and love.

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  1. #1 is 100% what I do daily. Big time traffic source for new bloggers; friends! Help bloggers, from top blogs. Ask for nothing in return. Bonds form, and traffic grows. No wonder you published this post on my birthday 😉 Tweeted for you.


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